Michele Wells

Wells, a St. Louis-based artist, has long connected nature with emotion. She always had a deep love and talent for art, receiving her art degree from Langara College in Vancouver, B.C., but life sent her in other directions – as a horse trainer, nationally renowned competitive dancer, and finally as a professional electrician. In 1999, she revisited the art of her youth, finding in pastel painting an outlet to express her feelings and to capture those of others.

Landscape artist Michele Wells strives to incorporate companionship into an often solitude art subject. She is dedicated to building an emotional connection through her paintings, whether she’s navigating the mighty rivers of Missouri or strolling beside Paris’ iconic landmarks, to make fine art a fully communal encounter. As a frequent plein air artist, she regularly paints alongside her fellow artists who impart their insights and experiences. When she displays her works, she builds a relationship with her audience, encouraging them to explore how the landscape makes them feel and reveling in the memories that spill from the piece.

It’s this unique balance of solitude and camaraderie that has gained Wells international acclaim for her work as well as fuels her role of proprietor of Green Door Art Gallery in Webster Groves, Missouri. And more important, creates a visual invitation to join her in escaping into the scene, if even for a moment.

Andy Thomas

Andy Thomas

Grand ol' Gang and True Blues are truly the most exciting project that Andy Thomas has worked on. It took weeks and piles of research material just to begin the paintings. Countless sketches of presidents and layouts were done to come up with the originals. With these two paintings Andy has captured the spirit and likeness of some of our nations greatest presidents. You can just hear the muttering between them as they play a friendly game of poker. Again, the creative side put them in the back ground of the convention centers of years ago and if you look closely you will find various items that were related to them, each in their own way.

Many call Andy Thomas the "Storyteller" and if you have ever had a chance to view his work you might just agree. Currently he is telling many stories with his action filled western art. These pieces are bringing the cowboys back to life as well as the American West history. In the past, Andy has painted many subjects from a picnic by the river, kids playing sports to a brutal bear fight. All of his paintings end up telling you, the viewer, some kind of story of our lives.

Westerns I am pretty confident that this action shoot em' up western will holds it's own on the auction block. Not too many of today's artists can bring to you the breath, sweat and intensity of the old west as Andy does. I guess that you would have to pay a premium price to own a classic Russell to compare to Andy's work. Now that is a pretty nice comparison. Not to mention that Andy's auction piece at the CM Russell auction in March sold for $180,000. This set a record for the show as the highest price paid for any artist other than Russell! This was another unique painting that Andy not only captured a fine portrait of Charlie Russell himself but the characters that he used in many of his paintings. Charlie Russell and his Characters was an ingenious painting by Andy. Another aspect of his unique abilities.


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Kathy Sigle


The first few years of Kathy’s life were spent in Cheyenne, Wyoming after being born in North Platte, Nebraska. When she was 10 years old, her family moved to Argentina, South America where they lived for 2 ½ years. While they were there her mom took portrait lessons, in oil, from an old master. Kathy was the model. That is really the only remembrance she has of her mom painting while she was small. In 1972 her family moved to Pierre, South Dakota and purchased a small amount of land where they raised several horses. Although she did not draw them at that time, she truly loved being around the horses, the hay, the barn, and the cats. For several years she worked in pencil and color pencil drawing many, many ducks and geese which made their home or migrated through that area.

She was a teenager when she made her first sale, a pen and ink of a zebra, and one of her teachers bought it. She exhibited in a couple of very small art shows with her mom before she went off to college. In 1982 she married her sweetheart, Jim Sigle, who has since been very supportive of her art career. They have three wonderful grown children, all of whom are quite artistic in their own right.

A few years later her mom took a watercolor class and fell in love with the medium. She strongly urged Kathy to try it and so one day they sat side by side and she gave her a simple watercolor lesson. They  lived a few hours away from each other, so with that small lesson she took what she learned and invested many hours practicing. After a considerable struggle and several discarded paintings later, she was producing some keepers. She also went through a period of time drawing portraits in pencil. She has drawn hundreds of faces so she feels she knows the human face quite will. Once, when she had an order for a 50th wedding anniversary gift, she had been working on the drawing for quite a while and it was almost complete. She went to the basement to change a load of laundry and when she came back to the drawing, there was a small orange hand print in the middle of the ladies face. Her 1 ½   year old daughter had innocently wanted to see what she had been working on and unfortunately had been eating M&M’s . She says she should have saved the drawing to show her years later, but instead her husband took very fine sand paper and was able to completely get rid of the orange. She then redrew the face since they were coming to pick it up the next day.

Her show schedule currently take  her places like Las Vegas, Great Falls, MT, Jackson Hole, WY and the Denver area to name a few. She attends around 8-10 art shows a year. She also contributes to benefit auctions and work with a few galleries. Another enjoyable part of her career is gathering reference material from working ranches or wildlife areas since she wants to capture the authentic western way of life, to paint and portray the real thing. She is a signature member of the Northern Plains Watercolor Society and a signature member of The Artists of the Black Hills. Currently she paints every day. 

Tim Breaux

Tim Breaux was born in Franklin, Louisiana in 1963.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Pharmacy from the University of Louisiana, Monroe in 1986.  After becoming an artist, he decided to forgo a Master of Fine Arts degree in favor of direct mentorship with master artists.  Years of intense study online, at the easel, and in the field followed.    After several years of pursuing pharmacy and art separately he eventually realized that there is a broad range of intellectualism that supports the arts, and it is in those different perspectives that individuality is found.   It was only then that his background in the sciences began to inform his art in a unique way.   Tim Breaux lives, writes and paints on his family farm in Rogersville, Missouri with his wife, Nancy, his daughter, Ellie, and his son, Carter.

Dan McWillams

My purpose is to capture the way light plays on surfaces to convey a feeling or mood. I paint scenes you or I might see daily but typically don’t take the time to focus on. I endeavor to find a new angle to look at an old subject. Everything has been painted, but not yet through my eyes.

It has been said that, “Dan’s brushwork extracts the spirit of his subjects while illuminating the transient nature of light and color. Evoking nostalgia, his paintings stir emotions and memories for the viewer.” Dan works in oils to capture the essence of his subject ranging from the last glow of a sunset to a child at play. McWilliams characterizes his style as a blend of impressionistic realism. Born in 1956 in Sheldon, Missouri Dan went on to study art at MSSU then pursued a career as an illustrator for twenty plus years. After prayerful consideration he jumped at the opportunity to paint full time in 2001 and has never looked back.

McWilliams has shown in several regional and national competitions and his paintings have been featured in Lake Magazine Chicago. Some of his latest accomplishments include 2008 Grand Prize Mini 50 for Paint the Parks as well as a juror’s award for the Top 100 Paint the Parks. Dan recently finished a mural commissioned by Newton County Tourism Bureau that will be on display in Stella Missouri, in addition some of his work has been selected to grace the walls of the new BKD Corporate headquarters in Springfield, MO. 

Kira Fercho

Kira Fercho is a nationally recognized modern impressionistic oil painter who resides in Montana. She combines the western culture that we cherish with a contemporary edge that excites. At age 33, she has broken auction records and has shown with living master’s such as Andy Thomas, R. Tom Gilleon, and Loren Entz. Her paintings have graced the pages of national publications such as Western Art Collector and have been seen on shows such as Good Morning America and Extreme Home Makeover.

Although her list of professional accomplishments are impressive, her collectors have fallen in love with her and her work because of who she is. It is highly unusual for someone who is only 33 to have the list of shows and experiences that she has had in the past couple of years. If you attended one of the highly recognized events that she now is a main staple in, you’d notice that there are few female painters who participate. And, we are almost are sure that she’s the only single mom of the lot. One might ask, “How does a young woman beat these odds and make it”? We believe that it’s a combination of the following:

  1. 1.Kira’s work is all original. There are no prints, giclees, or reproductions made. What you buy is yours. No one will ever have a copy.
  2. 2.Kira has studied under living Master’s such as Loren Entz and Robert Moore from the time she was a teenager. Let’s face it, when you are a pup in the art market and you run with the big dogs, you eventually get to sit on the porch too.
  3. 3.People like her. She has a teaching degree and a Master’s in Mental Health and Rehabilitation. She worked as a high school crisis counselor before working as a professional painter full time. She’ll remind you of a friend or a daughter that just happens to be a great painter as well.
  4. 4.Her paintings are priced at ½ of their market value. Kira believes that because she is so young in the market, it’s important to build a wide collector base to ensure a long and healthy career.

If you have any questions about Kira Fercho, please feel free to ask. We’d love to fill you in! 

Doug Hall


Doug Hall’s paintings reflect his admiration and respect for the culture of early Eastern Woodland Native Americans. Most influential in his development has been mentor Bob Tommey, a master of color who resides in Carthage, Missouri.

Hall grew up painting in Neosho, Missouri and now lives in McDonald County surrounded by Huckleberry State Forest. He is an avid black powder shooter and horseback rider.

Past recognition includes the George Phippen Memorial Fine Art Award, Prescott, Arizona, 2002; First place in oils, Sedona, Arizona, 2003; Artists' Choice and the H.E. Williams Award, Midwest Gathering of the Artists, 2004; and Best of Show, Stillwater, Oklahoma, 2005.

Don Goin


I was born in Southwest Missouri. At the age of three, my family moved to Washington State where my father managed a dairy farm. This is when I developed a love for majestic mountains, wildlife and my American Indian heritage. Every fall the Indians would come to work in the hop fields. I vividly remember watching them dance and sing in the evenings. I was able to see their teepees and experience their culture first-hand. These things have been the inspiration for nearly every piece I create. 

I began drawing mountains and wildlife as soon as I could hold a pencil and remember telling my mother as the ripe age of six, that, “I want to be an artist.” With no formal training, I began painting in oils at the age of sixteen. Over the years, I had always wanted to sculpt and in 1992 I created my first sculpture out of beeswax. Sculpting came naturally to me and I immediately decided that is where I belong. I started using clay as opposed to beeswax, learned the technique of casting bronze, and in 1995 set up a foundry to cast my own work using the lost wax process. In the last few years, I have expanded my foundry to create more pieces, as well as increase casting, showing and setting up galleries. 

I have lived in Bruner, Missouri with my wife Carol for 38 years. We have two daughters, Ambrea and Tina, and three grandsons, Taylor, Austin and Easton.

Bob Graham

pic of bob

I think every kid grew up playing cowboys and Indians. I feel there is a little cowboy spirit in us all. There is something to say about the cowboy way of life, the cowboy code of ethics, if you will. You don't have to live out West to embody the cowboy way of life. You just have to have the spirit of the West in you. Cowboy is not just a word- it’s an attitude and a way of thinking that becomes a total lifestyle. The western cowboy always had to stay strong to meet whatever came his way. That is what I'm trying to capture in my drawings and paintings-- that free unconquerable spirit that is the West that dwells deep inside me. You never get to pick your nightmares, you just have to put your head down and drive right through 'em". Bob Graham currently resides in a suburb of Charleston, SC where he was born in 1968.The town, shaped by tidal creeks, rivers, and the ever present ocean evokes a spirit of a bygone era that has greatly influenced his appreciation and awareness of the world that surrounds him. Mr. Graham exhibits his work regularly across The United States and is represented in numerous museums, corporate and private collections. His work also graces the covers of numerous books and he has several magazine illustrations to his credit.

Larry Clingman

larryfacebookmugLarry Clingman was born in Springfield, Missouri in 1950. He graduated from Missouri State University with a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in Commercial Art in 1972.

Larry’s interest in art blossomed from an early age, but a particular appreciation for painting was gleaned from one of his commercial art instructors. B.H. Armstrong,  while attending MSU. Armstrong, himself an accomplished painter, encouraged Larry to paint, and his passion for it soon built an enduring enthusiasm in Larry as well.

Clingman moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1973, and, as a commercial artist, worked his way through designer, illustrator, and creative director titles with two of the town’s leading ad agencies and art studios. He started his own company in 1987 and enjoyed success working with national and regional clients for the next 20 years.

Since 2004, Clingman has devoted himself entirely to his painting. The painting style of Chiaroscuro strongly motivates and inspires Larry in many of his works. Old master’s influences include Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Chardin. Contemporary iconic influences include Albert Handell, Richard Schmid, David Leffel, Gregg Kruetz, and Jeff Legg.

Clingman’s paintings have exhibited regularly in regional galleries and shows including The American Art in Miniature Show at Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the Spiva Art Center in Joplin, Missouri.

Two personally selected paintings by Richard Schmid were included in the top 52 works of the nationally recognized 14th Annual Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction in Rist Canyon, Colorado. Clingman’s work was also juried in the 2010 and 2011 Oil Painter’s of America Western Regional Show, and most recently in the 2011 National Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils at Devin Galleries in Coeur D’Alene Idaho.

Larry resides in Bixby, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tulsa, with his wife Kathy, where he paints in the Pin Oak Studio.

Steve White

steve white1

He is currently working on a series of pictures of Eastern American Indians and pioneers. Many of his models are American Indians or serious re-enactors.

Steve and his wife, Susan live in a 1790’s log home in Mason County, Kentucky near the Warrior’s Trace. He is represented by Eisele Gallery of Fine Art, Maysville, Kentucky. His historical work is also exhibited at invitational museum and gallery shows nation wide.

He is a member of the Contemporary Longrifle Association, the Kentucky Corps of Longrifles, and the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, the Kentucky Crafted Market, and Watercolor U.S.A Honor Society.

In 1977 Steve earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in art education, from Morehead State University, Morehead, Kentucky. He has taught landscape painting, figure painting and figure drawing. He has been a professional artist since 1991.his work has won many awards which include, The Medal of Honor Award from the American Artist Professional League, Salmagundi Club, 47th Fifth Avenue, New York, New York. His painting “The Marble Players” was purchased for $6,500.00 by the Dunagan Museum, Bolivar, Missouri, from a Watercolor U.S.A. exhibition, Springfield Art Museum, Springfield, Missouri. Other awards include an Honor Award from the Butler Institution of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio and Best of Show award from the Northeast Kentucky Artist Guild.

His art has appeared on the cover of national magazines and books. He is a published author of short stories and historical essays.

Steve’s paintings can be found in museums, corporate, and private collections.


John Lasater

john lasater John Lasater is an impressionist painter living in Northwest Arkansas. John worked for 13 years as a designer, illustrator and art director, so it was a natural transition ten years ago to begin creating meaningful images with paint. Looking at his artwork, you will hopefully sense goodness, simplicity, peace, honesty and intrigue. John’s honors include two Best of Show awards in 2009, and inclusion in several major shows such as the Oil Painters of America, the Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction, and the Fine Art Connoisseur Publisher’s Invitational Retreat. John is also involved in promoting the arts having judged several local competitions and one national competition. Recently he cofounded an artists association which originated a successful outdoor painting event in Northwest Arkansas. John's art education includes workshops with nationally known artists C.W. Mundy, Carolyn Anderson, John Budicin, and Todd Williams.

Lyn Phariss

lynLyn has been creating art since childhood. While growing up on a farm in northern Missouri, necessity required her to be self-taught.  After marriage she and her husband settled in Kansas City,
worked in industry and raised three children. New opportunities abounded, and Lyn returned to her art. 
She found herself studying extensively with other artists including Robert Vaughn and Russell Ferguson.
 After retiring from large companies she and her husband moved near The Lake of the Ozarks in Mo,
where she established a studio. Lyn paints almost every day and is always on the lookout for new painting ideas.

Over the years she has studied in workshop situations with many well known artists, including Matt Smith,
 Albert Handel, Billy O'Donnell, Michael McClure, Joshua Been and many others. Although Lyn loves to paint in her studio, her greatest passion is plein air painting.  She paints her surroundings often and travels to locations within the U.S and Europe. Some of her favorites spots are in Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. She has also traveled to wonderful locations such as Nova Scotia, England, Ireland and France both painting and recording scenes for future paintings with her camera.  

A master of several media, Lyn produces works in watercolor, oil, acrylic, encaustic and pastel. 
She occasionally teaches small workshops but more often, she will be traveling and painting.  She and a circle of her best friends gather to paint whenever possible during the year.  Painting with her friends in a group is one of greatest joys.


Paul Dykman

pauldykman pic

Paul Dykman is an artist with a vast subject range. He can best be described as a classically trained artist with the talent and ability to capture feeling.Paul was raised in a family of professional artists and in keeping with the Dykman tradition, was encouraged to draw and paint from an early age. He was instructed in art technique from his father and grandfather and also credits outstanding instruction from workshops in South Africa.He sold his first painting at a joint exhibition with his father at the Royal Agriculture Show in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa at the age of thirteen. This was the first of many joint exhibitions. He later went on to be represented by numerous galleries in South Africa.In 1995 he and his family moved to the States to further his artistic exposure. He has exhibited at the Arts for the Parks Exhibition in 2003 and 2004 and the Charles Russell Auction in 2007 and 2008.

Tricia Courtney

Tricia is a multi-faceted fine artist who creates in various mediums including oil, acrylic, mixed media and digital designs. She also works with recycled found objects.

Her oil paintings are primarily landscapes and floral works with a style that¹s bold and bright with highly textured strokes reminiscent of Van Gogh. Her acrylics are Jackson Pollack-inspired with heavy splashes of color with
lots of motion.

Tricia is a graduate of Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield Missouri, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting.

More information -


  • McAuley Catholic High School, Joplin, Mo. 1975
  • Southwest Missouri State University (Missouri State University),
    Springfield, Mo. 1979
    (Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting)
  • Central State University, Edmond, Okla. 1980 (Post graduate work,
  • Graphics)


April Davis

aprilBorn into an art family, April has been exposed to the arts all her life. Her father, Lowell Davis, has encouraged her love of art. April’s earliest bronze dates back to when she was five years old. She is a sculptor turned oil painter with a focus on nature. Sculpting and nature are a perfect blend for her beautiful flower sculptures. Sculpted entirely by hand April creates delicate flowers, which are then fired and painted with great attention paid to the many colors nature provides.

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Lowell Davis

Lowell Davis is one of the founders of the Midwest Gathering of the Artists. He was an art director for 13 years in Dallas, Texas, after attending Kansas State University.

In time, he moved back to Missouri where he began to pursue his love of art and the easy country life. He reconstructed his boyhood hometown, Red Oak, where he continued his art career and established a following of collectors of his figures and oil paintings of animals and buildings that are on his farm.

He now enjoys the quiet life with his wife, Rose. He spends his days painting and canoeing down the peaceful Elk River, He reflects on a life of love, art, and dreams that came true.

Jerry Ellis

As a regionalist painter, the inspiration and imagery for my paintings come from the small town of Carthage, Mo., where my home and studio are located, and from the beautiful, rolling countryside of my native Missouri Ozarks. My streetscapes and landscapes are loose, realistic renderings of scenes that most people relate to and feel comfortable with. My fascination with steam locomotives allows me to work with more abstract shapes and interesting colors and textures while still keeping a realistic viewpoint. They challenge me to convey the immense power they represent.

For over 20 years, I painted exclusively in transparent watercolor (probably the most difficult medium to master). In the last few years, I expanded into gouache, acrylics and oils as well - a very rewarding experience. Many works in this new medium tend toward impressionism which I love. I believe I always had an innate sense of art. In college, I doodled strange creatures instead of paying attention to my music courses. But music was my chosen field and I spent five years as a woodwind artist in a U.S. Navy Band.

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James Nelson Lewis

Born in 1953 Lewis realized at an early age that he had a gift and calling in artistic pursuits. He is a BFA graduate of Columbus College of Art and Design. His artistic influences range from Whistler to Wolf Kahn. Though he has only recently begun to paint for exhibition, Lewis has years of experience as an illustrator, art director, designer and University art instructor. His new paintings are mature yet fresh, abstraction and realism combined and reduced to a simple reminder of the everyday, and sometimes the exotic creation around us. This kind of work is only accomplished through experience, authority, and vision, this kind of vision from humility, love and faith. He resides with his wife Sherry on a wooded hilltop in the Arkansas Ozark foot hills. Strong family ties in Florida contribute to his range of subject matter, and love for seascape and tropical subjects.

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Theresa Rankin

Born in Hollywood, California Theresa knew she wanted to be an artist at six years old. “I remember telling my teachers how to color and draw, stating matter of factly that I am going to be an artist when I grow up. Formal studies began at the University of Hawaii., University of Utah. "I have always believed that art should speak to everyone. Capturing a place in time, an event or moment and infusing it with emotion... are my highest priorties. To draw the viewer into this impressionistic world of realism I tell the story through shapes of color and light expressed with gestural brushwork and a solid design.Whether it is a landscape, still life or figurative I am happy to paint anything that stirs my heart, mind and soul.shapes of color and light; therefore I am happy to paint anything that stirs my heart and mind.I strive for a mix of realism and looseness I find emotionally and visually satisfying" She is influenced by Sargent, Sorrolla, Zorn and current artists Richard Schmid, Dan Gerhartz and Jeremy Lipking. Always eager to improve she has attended workshops with several local artists and received scholarships to Scottsdale Artists' School twice in the last three years. She continues to strive towards excellence and has lived in the Missouri/Kansas area for the past 16 years. She is a member of SPIVA of Joplin Mo, Artists of Northwest Arkansas, Eureka Springs Artists Guild, Bartlesville Art Association, Ok, artCentral of Carthage, Mo., NOAPS, Oil Painters of America, The Academic Artists Association and Landscape Artists International. She also teaches regular classes, dabbles in photography, gives workshops and is a member of Artists Who Teach.

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Todd A. Williams

After studying painting and illustration at the Kansas City Art Institute, Williams graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Today, he excels in his ability to paint all subject matter using spontaneous brushwork and creative virtuosity. Most of the time he can be found painting en plein air.

Through this discipline he has found his own recognizable voice, which is now becoming his signature style.

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